Monday, March 19, 2018

Short n Sweet (Week 61)

Elder Passeri and Elder Herman

      Well first week of transfers has been good and busy! Another companionship of Elders came into our area so we are now sharing it. It's kinda nice cause our area was pretty big. One of the Elders is training someone from Alaska so that’s cool. It has made me remember when I first got here and didn’t know what was going on, haha. But it has been a good week of learning and growing closer to my Savior.

Spiritual Thought Of The Week

      Well this week we had a Leadership Conference and we talked a little about faith. I liked it a lot. Faith is a power that we should take advantage of. God works through faith and when we have sufficient faith God can work miracles in our lives. We have trials and tests in our lives to test our faith and to see if we stay strong. The world attacks us in so many ways so that we lose our faith. We must strengthen our faith daily by reading the scriptures and talking to our Heavenly Father. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He can work the same miracles He did in the Bible and the Book of Mormon if we can have enough faith! I love you all, have a good week!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Life's Good (still/again) (Week 60)

Fiestas De San Juan De Dios in Tultepec, fireworks capital of Mexico.
It's an annual pyrotechnic celebration and burning of the bulls.

      Another week down in Mexico! This week was kinda crazy and we spent a lot of it doing studies with other missionaries and helping them out a little. Well tomorrow are transfers and Elder Passeri and I are staying together another transfer in Tultepec! So That’s good. I am excited about that. The Zone is going to change a lot. Well honestly not too much happened this week.

 Spiritual Thought Of The Week
      This week I could bare my testimony a lot about the atonement of Jesus Christ. Honestly, if we understand the atonement everything in life is easier. I love knowing that I have a big brother that has made my burdens lighter and that I am never alone. I love being able to testify to others that don’t have the same knowledge. It truly is a huge blessing to know of the restored góspel of Jesus Christ and to have been able to obtain a testimony of these things and know without a doubt that they are true. But the best part of all is being able to live what I preach and see the difference it makes in my life. I love you all and hope you are all living up the life that God has given us!

Con Amor, Elder Herman

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Milagros de Tultepec (Week 59)

Elder Herman and his Minions.  : )
      Wow what a great week! This week we really focused on just making people happy. As we focused on yelling at everyone “GOOD AFTERNOON!” in the Street and giving them a big ol smile and see them later give us a big ol smile back really made me happy. It makes me sad seeing people not happy so seeing people smile has made this week a really joyful week! We had some amazing lessons this week and saw great miracles. Last week we had fasted to have people come to church. This week we saw the fruits. Saturday night we even forgot to remind everyone to go to church and Sunday morning we went to pick some investigators up, but they weren’t there...So we got to church with not too many hopes, but boom there was the family we went for, already in church waiting for us! And then people just kept on showing up. Elder Passeri and I were so excited and kinda mind blown at how many people showed up! I know that this is the Lords work and when we put in our part He puts in His. Also this last week has been kinda crazy here in Tultepec and this week will be crazier! They have a big festival with a ton of Fireworks and big bulls that they make. It's nuts. Tultepec is known for its Fireworks haha you can look it up, its crazy!

Spiritual Thought Of The Week
      This week I’d like to talk about the First Presidency Message of February about always remembering Him. I like the points it has. I like to think of these points as things we need to do while we are participating in the Sacrament. First, remember Jesus Christ. Why? Why is it important that we remember Him? Well His is the great example in everything. He’s God's son and perfect. We must strive to be like Him so we must remember and know how He was. Then Remember What You Need To Do Better. It is a time of repentance. We must realize our errors so that we can overcome them. So that we can become more like Christ. As we do this we can be forgiven of our sins. Then lastly, Remember The Progress You Are Making. I saw the importance of seeing the progress we make when I started the misión. When times got tough it helped me realize that those hard times helped me progress. We shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves. When we see progress in ourselves we see the atonement more in our lives. We also can be more happy because we realize where we are now and how much we have progressed. This is our purpose in this life. Be tested and progress! Every Sunday we have such a great opportunity to take the sacrament and remember Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for the time I have to reflect on my life in sacrament meeting. I love this Gospel and it has made me so happy. I love sharing this joy with others and seeing the change in their lives as they live it also. This is the true church of Jesus Christ! I love you all, have a great week!

Con amor, Elder Herman

Elder Herman & Elder Passeri

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Vengan y Vean (Week 58)

Elder Passeri and Elder Herman
      Well this week was good. Had an intercambio with Elder Sullivan from Brighton, he is awesome. Also, I went to Mexico City to renew my passport. The city is so cool and big I like it a lot! Haha. We saw a building fall, it was crazy! There was dust everywhere. But they were tearing down the building anyway, but there was an accident and it wasn’t planned. We have been inviting everyone to baptism and it has been so awesome! It’s crazy how people accept it in the first lesson. I love it.

Spiritual Thought Of The Week
      This week I gave a talk in church and I talked about missionary work! I used a talk called "Come and See" by Elder Bednar. I like it a lot! It starts with a question. Why are the latter-day saints so anxious to talk about what they believe in and invite me to know more about their Church? Well, the Church of Jesus Christ has always been a missionary church and it always will be! Our desire to share the restored gospel of Jesus Christ shows how important these truths are for us. How important is the gospel in our lives? How are we showing it? The gospel has helped me in my life so much, so naturally I want to share it. It’s like when we find a new really good restaurant and we want to invite all our friends to go eat there, or when we find a new interesting fact and we want to share it with others. In the restored gospel of Jesus Christ we have found happiness, peace, and comfort. If we have really gained a testimony of these things we naturally will have a desire to share it with others. We are so anxious to share the gospel because we know and are convinced that this is the only true Church of Jesus Christ here on the earth and it has helped us so many times. I love you all and I also love being a missionary J Tengan una buena semana compartiendo el evangelio!  (Have a good week sharing the gospel!)

Con Amor, Elder Herman

Elder Passeri and Elder Herman
Debris from a falling building.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Templooo Wahooo (Week 57)

Elder Passeri, Elder Drake, Elder Wegner, and Elder Herman
at the Mexico City Temple.
      This week we went to the temple! Wahooo I love the temple so much! It was the first time in one whole year that I could finish an ordinance in the temple, cause last time there was an earthquake, ha. Oh ya, and also felt another earthquake this Friday. Its weird how the temple and earthquakes have always been together in my mission...One of the best things of the week was that a family introduced us to some new investigators! One of them is the brother of the wife, named Dylan, and the other is a teenager that is living with them, named Valeria. It was a good lesson and they both accepted baptismal dates and then both went to church! So that was great! We have a lot of faith in them! 
Spiritual Thought Of The Week
      Man I LOVE the temple! Honestly, if I didn’t have the temple in my life, I don’t know where I would be. The temple has been such an important place in my life. Every time I go I feel so much peace and comfort. It is a refuge from the world. We can literally enter the house of the Lord, how cool is that! It is a place important for us, but also for people who have already passed through this life and didn’t make the covenants in the temple. We can help others make covenants with God and enter into the kingdom, His kingdom. I hope you all can take advantage of having so many temples near by and enter into His house! I remember I went every Monday during baseball season and that is when I obtained my biggest testimony! I love you all so much and hope you have a great week full of the temple!
Con Amor, Elder Herman

Monday, February 12, 2018

Great Week, New Nephew (Week 56)

Elder Passeri and Elder Herman
      This week has been awesome. We have had some crazy things happen. First off we were at the church Friday cause we were going to have a lesson there and a man came up to us and said “Do I talk to you guys to be baptized?” Haha. He was an old investigator and we were actually looking for him, but never found him, so that was cool. Then at church a lady showed up by herself cause she wants to find the truth, wow, perfect. Then we were walking and this girl stopped us and asked for a Book of Mormon, haha. The Lord is working here in Tultepec! Me and Elder Passeri are having a lot of fun and have had some really great lessons. We are still getting to know everyone, and at church a lot of part members were there, and a bunch of people that aren’t baptized, so we will have our hands full. Also, in the Zone, we almost completed all of our goals! So that is awesome, we have already seen a great improvement. Also my sister had another baby! Now I’m an uncle of 4!

Spiritual Thought Of The Week
      Man how grateful am I to know I have a loving Heavenly Father. To know that He has a perfect plan for me and has given me everything I need to be happy and progress. He sent His son to die for us and to teach us by example. He is the source of all healing, peace, and eternal progress. Through Jesus Christ we can progress more than we could ever by ourselves. He is always inviting us to come unto unto Him, and President Eyring says that it is the most important invitation that anyone could ever accept. He can heal us and help us with everything, but He will not enter if we do not allow Him to. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ so much and I love my Savior and Redeemer. I am so grateful for the perfect plan of salvation that God has given us. I love you all, have a good week!

Con Amor, Elder Herman

New Nephew!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Living the Life Pues (Week 55)

Elder Passeri and Elder Herman. 
New companions and zone and district leaders.
      Well this week went by fast. But I got sick Monday night and was throwing up all night. So the whole week I wasn’t feeling the best and didn’t eat much so that was a bummer. But being with Passeri is so fun, he is awesome. And our area is really good too but, we haven’t been able to work here very much. The zone has a lot of problems and our job is to make our zone the zone that everyone wants to be, cause honestly it has kinda been really bad for a really long time. But in our area there are some people that have a lot of potential.

Spiritual Though Of The Week
      This week has been pretty focused on our attitudes. It is very important that we have good attitudes in everything we do. The scriptures always tell us to be of good cheer. What reasons to we have to be of good cheer? Well just read the scriptures and you will find many! One of the most important reasons is because we have a Savior who died for us and is always with us. We can always find reasons to be happy and have a good attitude about life! Always remember that we are here to have joy! I love you all! Have a great week!

Con Amor, Elder Herman

Saying good-bye.

More good-byes.

New companion, new area.