Sunday, January 29, 2017

First Week at Provo MTC (Week 2)

¡Hola amigos! Well I am doing great! The MTC is awesome. I love it here so much! My district is so awesome, I love being with them! Our district leader is Elder Clarke and he's hilarious! He's one of those people that I laugh at everything he says so that's not good sometimes. My companion is Elder Gill, he is from Chandler Arizona and he's serving in Bolivia Cochabamba he's pretty cool so it hasn't been too bad having someone there with me all the time! Learning Spanish is frustrating but it's coming along really well! I've learned so much it's crazy! We have already taught 3 lessons all in Spanish so that's cool! The spirit that is there when we teach is unreal, I love it so much and the gift of tongues is real, I can already see that! I love learning about the gospel everyday and just getting lost in it! My testimony has grown so much. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to serve our Heavenly Father! Being surrounded by people with the same goal as me is so great! We all have a common goal and we are helping each other achieve it! The spirit is so strong here with so many amazing people with such strong testimonies of the gospel! Teaching lessons has helped me so much because I can apply what I teach to myself and apply it to my daily life just like I'm asking our investigator to do. As we learn more and talk more about the gospel and the atonement and all the good stuff it just reminds me and shows me how powerful this gospel is. I'm seeing perspectives that I haven't seen before and I love it. Thinking about the atonement and how Jesus Christ went through so much for us so we could atone for our sins and make covenants so we can return to live at home with our Heavenly Father again just makes me so happy! I want everyone to just ponder about that and truly think about how amazing that is! This life is hard but we can do it and with the help of our loving Heavenly Father it can be a lot easier! This gospel is amazing and there is nothing I'd rather be doing right now than serving the Lord! I love it and I love you guys! I don't even know what else to say, so much has happened and I can't remember half of it! Last week seems like it was 2 years ago! But I'd love to hear from you guys so email me! And packages are gladly accepted:) Oh and I saw Sister Raymond! I see here like every dinner so that's great. I love Jace! The first day I was here I was thinking about her and really wanted to see her so I said a prayer that I would see her and the next corner I turned I was walking a little and heard "Elder Herman" lo and behold it was Sister Raymond! So that was awesome, the power of pray is real! She looks really happy and would love to hear from everyone as well! Hit her up at! ​

Sister Jace Raymond with Elder Jake Herman
He looks happy!!

Elder Gill and Elder Herman

At the Provo Temple

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Provo MTC (Week 1)

     Jake entered the Provo Missionary Training Center (MTC) at 12:45 pm on Wednesday, January 18, 2017.  This was a change from his original call as he was scheduled to report to the Mexico City MTC on Tuesday, January 17, 2017. Jake received his Passport with his Mexico Visa a couple weeks before he was scheduled to leave. Thursday evening, five days before he was supposed to leave, while he was taking things we bought out of the packages and started packing his suitcases, he misplaced his Passport. We searched everywhere trying to find it and we never found it. We were pretty distraught and in shock at how it could be lost. We finally concluded that it must have gotten mixed up with the packaging and thrown out in the trash, and the garbage was already picked up for the week, so it was gone. Jake called the missionary travel department Friday morning and informed them that his Passport was lost. He was told that when that happens they are usually found, but if it isn't found he needed to call the Stake President and let him know what happened. Then the Stake President would need to call the Provo MTC and Jake would probably report there on Wednesday. Well we were pretty certain the Passport was not going to be found. Many prayers and multiple searches of every place and suitcase hadn't been successful and we had lost hope of finding it. But, oddly enough, we felt at peace and that this was supposed to happen. Jake applied for a new passport and called the Stake President. The Stake President was told he needed to call the Missionary Department on Monday. So, we waited all weekend to find out what was going to happen. On Monday the Stake President called the missionary department, but since it was Martin Luther King Day there weren't very many people there. He talked to someone who said most likely Jake would enter the Provo MTC on Wednesday, but he'd have to call back Tuesday morning. So we waited some more. Finally on Tuesday morning the Stake President called and let us know that Jake was scheduled to enter the Provo MTC at 12:45 pm Wednesday. We were so relieved that he didn't have to wait any longer, as he'd been waiting since September 8, 2016, and was more than ready to go. 
     Tuesday morning and afternoon was filled with final preparations and purchases. Jake, Mom, Dad, Bryce, and Mary went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then we went to have Jake get set apart as a full time missionary. It was such a nice blessing with great promises for him and his family. 
     Later that evening Jake had friends come over to visit and say goodbye. He had a great time, but there were a lot of tough goodbyes too. He has many friends who have supported and helped him over the years. That has been a huge blessing, but also made it a little harder to leave. 
     Wednesday morning was laid back and relaxing for the most part. It's a weird thing to watch the clock get closer and closer to the time to leave and have to say the final goodbye. It's exciting and heart wrenching at the same time. We finally left and went to the Provo Temple grounds to take some pictures. There were quite a few other families with missionaries doing the same thing. After a while it was time to go drop him off. When we pulled up, a missionary walked over to help Jake with his bags and take him inside. His name was Elder Hope. He took a picture of all of us and then we said our final goodbyes. Although it was sad to see him go, he was so excited and ready. 

Dad (Bryant), Jake, Mom (Angie), Bryce, Mary

Saying goodbye is the hardest thing to do!

     At around 9:00 pm Wednesday night I got a notification that Jake sent me an email! I was so excited! Here is what he said:

Hola madre soy muy bien! I made it and so far I Iove it! At some points I've gotten stressed but it hasn't been bad at all! Heavenly Father has blessed me and answered so many prayers already! My P days are Wednesday so I will fill you in on a lot more and send a group email. But I know this is where I am supposed to be and I am ready to work! 

If you'd like to email Jake his email address is

I still don't know his MTC address but will post it as soon as I have it.