Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Life's Good (Week 26)

Life is good for Elder Herman!
        Another great week of the misión! This week I have felt really close to the Lord and in tune with the Spirit and it has been awesome! I have been so happy. J We were teaching a lesson to Daniela, she is so ready for baptism. It is so cool to see people prepare for this covenant! We were asking her the baptismal questions and she said she hasn’t had one problem to quit drinking coffee, and before she drank a ton! But when we said she couldn’t drink anymore she had just barely ran out of it at her house, and hasn’t bought anymore, and it has been great! Then we were talking about temples and I was getting the chills I LOVE THE TEMPLE! And she seems way interested in it too! And the branch is going to the temple on the 25th, so hopefully we can go with some investigators! I hope you all take advantage of having temples so close to you! It is such a great blessing to go to the temple. Also our dog that follows us everywhere is attracting every dog in all of Mexico and then they fight over her, so its been a little distracting at the house, and a little tough to sleep, haha, but all is well! 

Spiritual Thought Of The Week
      Faith, I love faith! Faith is SO important! Faith motivates everything we do. Everyday we do things with faith that something good will come of our efforts. We work during the days with faith that we will be able to support our families and so on. I like the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 18 verse 19 “And if you have not FAITH, HOPE, and CHARITY, you can do nothing.” I’m pretty sure we all want to do something in life therefore we must have faith, hope and charity in all things. Faith is the start of everything. I like to think about jumping off a cliff into water or something. You have to have faith to jump and once you jump you’re home free! Just a couple seconds of faith and you will be free. Whenever I think of hard things I need to do I just think “just start and it will all work out” Like contacting someone on the street. The first part is the worst you don’t know how you are going to start the conversation and you’re worried about how it will go. But if you just jump into it having faith that all will work out the Lord will give you strength! Have faith that when you go about doing good the Lord will bless and strengthen you! I love being a missionary so much! I am so happy because I have the gospel! I love you all so much, thank you for everything!

Con Amor, Elder Herman 

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