Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Good Life (Week 24)

Happy 4th of July from Elder Herman & Wegner
from Mexico City!
      Well this was a good week! We found a family that contacted some other Elders cause they want their daughters to learn about us Mormons. We taught them and I’m pretty sure they are going to be really good! They came to church yesterday so that’s awesome! Also we were talking to Dany's mom about the Plan of Salvation and then went on to talk about baptism and she committed to a date! If she gets baptized it will be super good for Dany to have her mom a member too! This week I feel like me and Elder Wegner really improved our teaching and because of that the Holy Ghost taught the lessons! It was amazing! Also tomorrow are tranfsers and Elder Wenger is leaving to another area and will be District Leader! I am staying her and will have a new comp!

Spiritual Thought Of The Week
      This week I have been studying a talk called “War Goes On” by Larry R. Lawrence. It talks about the war in the premortal life. We know that God's plan won! 2/3 of the people in heaven chose to follow our Father and the other 1/3 chose to follow Satan. And the important thing to know is that the 1/3 of Satan's followers are here on the earth with us. They came to the earth to provide opposition for us. But they will not be able to have the eternal life that we will have. Satan's army is trying to capture as many souls as he can before they are done. Satan wants to make men miserable. He targets all men but especially those who have the most potential for eternal happiness. Brigham Young said “As the church grows so does the power of Satan” Welp the church is growing and so is Satan! SO we need to be prepared to defend ourselves against his powers! The talk says Satan's first strategy is temptation. Satan whispers unclean and unkind thoughts to us. How can we resist these temptations? Well an example I like that Heber J Grant said is “Mr Devil, shut up.” We can memorize scriptures to recite to get him out of our heads. Resist the Devil and he will flee from you. Other strategies Satan uses are lies and deceptions. Satan is the father of lies. He says things like “You never do anything right” “You’re too sinful to be forgiven” “You will never change” “No one cares about you” “you have no talents” We all know that none of these are true and we need to resist them! Others are “One time won’t hurt” “everyone else is doing it, its ok” Well no its not ok! Sin is addictive and we need to tell Satan that you don’t want to go to the Telestial Kingdom even if everyone else is going there! Satan lies, that is why we have to be close to the Holy Ghost so we can hear the truth! Third strategy is contention. Where there is contention the Spirit leaves. Remember his timing is predictable. Watch out for it before church, before family home evening, and before going to the temple. When there is contention make peace. The last is discouragement. Realize who is attacking you and don’t let Satan win! You know his strategies point them out and fight back! Serve others, listen to good music, and my favorite count your blessings! Remember that there are limits to the powers of the Devil. Satan doesn’t know your thoughts or intentions unless you tell him. Don’t murmur! Careful what you say, Satan is always listening and takes careful notes when we murmur, complain, and criticize. He will expose your weaknesses if you tell him them! I hope you can all recognize that Satan is attacking you and defend yourself with the power of the Lord. If we always have our Lord in our minds Satan won’t have power to overcome us! I love you all so much and hope you are all fighting on the Lords side! Thanks for all the support!

Con mucho amor, Elder Herman 


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